MK Chain, Drive (428hgx110)
MK Chain, Drive (428hgx110)
MK Chain, Drive (428hgx110)

MK Chain, Drive (428hgx110)

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₱ 290.00
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Height:   cm
Width:   cm
Length:   cm
Weight:   kg

Condition : 100% Brand NEW!

Item name : Chain, Drive

Size : 428hgx110

Brand : Makoto


JAPAN Standard

- Never use thinner, or volatile solvents such as gasoline for cleaning. Avoid using steel brush to remove rust to prevent breakage. Rust or stiffness may cause chain to breake in the presence of these condition that maybe accompanied by abnormal noise please replace chain and sprocket at the same time.

- It is important to make sure that chain is properly installed. Use only the genuine MAKOTO roller chains. In installation, make sure that the clip or lock for the chain is properly "PRESS FITTED" to prevent damage on the sprocket and to the engine of your motorcycle and to prevent any accident. 

- Beware of fake MAKOTO roller chains. Please consult the the manufacturer or our authorized dealer for any fake MAKOTO product. 

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