MK Helmet (Yellow)
MK Helmet (Yellow)
MK Helmet (Yellow)
MK Helmet (Yellow)
MK Helmet (Yellow)
MK Helmet (Yellow)
MK Helmet (Yellow)

MK Helmet (Yellow)

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₱ 960.00
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Height:   cm
Width:   cm
Length:   cm
Weight:   kg

Condition : 100% Brand NEW!

Item name : Helmet (Semi Fullface)

Color : Yellow 

Brand : Makoto

- Helmet must be worn at all times to maximize the protection available in any given impact.

For maximum safety, it is important that your helmet fits properly. It should be snug and comfortable. It must be not so large that it moves freely about your head, not so small that it constricts and causes pain. A helmet which is too large may slide down over your eyes or turn in a lateral direction due to movement during riding. Always secure the retention system (chin strap) tightly to keep your helmet firmly placed whenever you ride. In any case, before starting off make sure that the chin strap is tight. In the event of an accident, you may receive impacts from multiple directions. some of which may tend to pull the helmet from your head. Bowing the head, try to slip the helmet off, as illustrated in the figure. 

- Your helmet cover your ears, thus muffing wind and traffic noises. The helmet wearer must check and be aware of his/her ability to hear the necessary sounds such as horns and emergency vehicle sirens. 

- Damage such as hairline cracks, may not always be readily visible, and may occur by dropping your helmet on solid surfaces or another rough handling, it must be replaced. Use a solution of mild soap or detergent and lukewarm water to clean your helmet and visor. Dry the helmet and visor at room temperature and never expose them to excessive heat. You must not subject the helmet to strong sunlight in an enclosed area are such as the back shelf of a car.

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