Makoto Motor Oil 1L (4T)
Makoto Motor Oil 1L (4T)
Makoto Motor Oil 1L (4T)

Makoto Motor Oil 1L (4T)

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₱ 207.00
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Height:   cm
Width:   cm
Length:   cm
Weight:   kg

 Condition : 100% Brand NEW!

 Item name : Oil, Motor 

 Size : 1 Liter

 Viscosity : API SJ/CF SAE 20W-50

 Brand : MAKOTO



A top quality multi-gradfe motor oil developed for all aircooled and watercooled multicylinder and multivalve four stroke motorcycle. It has been formulated using the highest quality minerals oils and incorperates the latest additive technology to give maximum performance for motorcycles in terms of wet clutch and transmission lubrication.

BENIFITS : Outstanding oxidation stability at high temperature conditions. Execellent anti-wear and detergent / disperstart properties. Superior friction modifier for wet clutch and transmission.

PERFORMANCE : Exceeds the requirements where an API SJ is recommended and compatible with both leaded and unleade fuel.

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