MK Brake Shoe, RR (STX-125)
MK Brake Shoe, RR (STX-125)
MK Brake Shoe, RR (STX-125)

MK Brake Shoe, RR (STX-125)

Item Price:
₱ 170.00
In category:
Height:   cm
Width:   cm
Length:   cm
Weight:   kg

 Condition : 100% Brand NEW!

 Item Name : Shoe, Brake RR (MK)

 Model / Compatibility : STX-125


 JAPAN Standard

The Genuine Makoto brake lining used new formula and design with the help of new technology to extract the best performance it has, feel the smoothness and zero percent noise. It is designed to improve overall braking power in all weather conditions and it has excellent wear and dust characteristics.

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